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In some companies, product design engineers do not receive sufficient recognition. Their role in the company is often to provide incremental changes to established products rather than adding value by providing innovative solutions. Companies working this way miss out on opportunities to introduce new products frequently. By working differently, companies can attract highly qualified engineers and change the competitiveness of the business. By working differently, companies can raise the engineer profile helping to attract first-class designers.



Attracting high calibre design engineers can be difficult when expectations of design engineers are mostly administrative. First-class engineers are required to provide new products and innovative customer solutions.



Engineers should be expected to provide a comprehensive product library which can be easily accessed. Design engineers can focus their efforts on product improvement and new product introductions. Design engineers are too valuable to be used to prepare incremental product derivatives. This is one way to increase the design engineer profile.


Advantages from different perspectives

  • More product improvements and new product introductions
  • Eliminate engineering cost from product orders
  • Shorter delivery times and remove engineering and checking delays
  • Less risk, fewer processes and transfers of information are required
  • Attract high calibre engineers
  • Increased customer satisfaction as customers receives products faster with fewer errors.
  • Accelerate product innovation
  • Increased profitability with the reduction of cost and risk while improving  productivity
  • Increased customer satisfaction as customers receives products faster with fewer errors.
  • Accelerate product innovation
  • Attract high calibre engineers
  • Engineers spend less time preparing iterative product changes
  • Accelerate product innovation
  • Increased engineering support for manufacturing improvements


Further help and assistance

Gatehouse Design are specialists in product standardisation, product configuration and design automation. We can help companies develop highly effective product strategies, maximising profitability, productivity and customer satisfaction. We can help you raise the design engineer profile and improve the efficiency of your business. Please contact us to discuss any product design related issues that you may have.

There is an offer a free product audit to help identify opportunities for product standardisation, product configuration and design automation. Additionally, Gatehouse Design has published many helpful white papers and articles which are available on this website.


The author

Written by Peter Slee-Smith 14/05/2018.

Peter Slee-Smith founded Gatehouse Design in 2012, a Chartered Mechanical Engineer with more than 30 years experience in industrial design. Peter qualified with a Masters Degree and has held senior positions in many leading engineering and product manufacturing companies. He is passionate about product design efficiency and has written many articles on the subject. Based in Littleport just outside Ely in Cambridgeshire, Gatehouse Design specialises in product standardisation, configuration and design automation.


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