Product Optimisation

We have 20 years’ experience working in the field of design automation and product optimisation. We can help manage and improve the efficiency of many design processes.   This is usually undertaken as consultancy and will involve looking at business processes from sales to production. In this process we can also evaluate the efficiency of using product configuration to allow your product to meet multiple criteria all from one easily manageable parametric CAD mod

Product Configuration and Design Automation

A large part of our experience is in optimising a product to fulfil a range of design specifications all from one area of data input. Configuration often starts with the 3D model by designing with a parametric approach from the onset. This cuts out repetitive redesign tasks when tailoring same but different solutions. This approach radically reduces the risk of error alongside reducing time to market and product costs throughout the design process. From the configuration of the CAD model to the generation of the bill of materials and documentation, automation can invariably speed up the overall process.

Automation can be captured in a configurator embedding design rules. Many design tasks can be completely automated

  • Quotation and revisions
  • Detailed costing
  • 3D model and Layout drawings
  • Engineering specification
  • Detailed drawings and BOM
  • P&ID’s, flow sheets, I/O lists, Instrument lists
  • Operation, installation and maintenance manuals

Our aim is to bring a refreshing mindset to how you can improve your business with ideal practices and methodology.

We would be happy to talk to you about all aspects of design automation and how these can be applied to your product. Alternatively please take a look at a series of white papers written to discuss the advantages and challenges of deploying product configurators.