Delivery time solution

For engineer to order (ETO) product companies, excessive delivery time may be incurred if product design is completed after receiving the customer order. Additionally, the company incurs further cost and… Read More »

Sales cost solution

Engineer to order (ETO) product companies must have the means to provide sales teams with quality product information without delay. The failure to provide good quality product information may be… Read More »

Error rate solution

Design errors occurring in the issue of products are costly, they lead to delays, rework, loss of customer creditability and poor morale throughout the company. A high error rate can… Read More »

Profitability solution

Healthy product margins are essential for a business to succeed. Good access to reliable and accurate product costs are essential for managing profitability. Without accurate and timely information it is… Read More »

Engineering time solution

Engineering time requires careful management. Workload comprises of both scheduled and unscheduled work. Unscheduled work often comes from the need to support sales and production. Also, Engineering must respond quickly… Read More »

Sales time solution

This article looks at sales time and considers whether this time can be reduced. All companies provide customer quotations, the time to create these differs widely for each company from… Read More »

Product cost solution

Sales teams are resourceful when compiling information for customer quotations. They are particularly resourceful when calculating the product cost. Sales use many methods to determine the cost of a product,… Read More »

Product development solution

Product development does not always need to be groundbreaking blue sky work. For existing products,  product development should be a continuous incremental improvement process. Well executed incremental product development eradicates… Read More »

Design capacity solution

Many companies encounter times when either Sales or Engineering lack design capacity to accommodate further work. Management faces the decision of whether to turn down new work or overburden departments… Read More »

Product planning solution

Product planning is difficult when the majority of work is reactive to order fufilment processes. Customer priorities generally take precedence over any planned strategic work. Product development initiatives start off… Read More »