Engineering design services

We provide engineering design services to both engineering companies and end users in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical, and utility power sectors. Our work comprises both product design and system integration and layout.

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Product design

Mechanical design is carried out using Autodesk Inventor, AutoCAD or Solidworks as required. We have advanced analysis tools such as ANSYS Structural to optimise and verify vessels, mechanisms and structures. Where appropriate, Navisworks is used to collaborate with other 3D CAD formats.


Product development

Gatehouse Design has a history of successful product development, with examples in use in many industries. We specialise in the design of industrial products where we can draw on many years of experience. Many companies find it challenging to allocate internal resources to product development due to workload. We work closely with management and key personnel to ensure new products are specified, designed and developed to budget and an agreed schedule.

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Product standardisation

Product standardisation is a process of defining uniform characteristics and simplification of a product. Standardisation can but does not need to reduce features or options. A principal goal of product standardisation is to do more with less. Every feature and option is carefully evaluated and challenged before being included.

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System integration

For hygienic industries, we are familiar with clean design principals such as European CEN ‘C’ standards for food machinery safety, EHEDG guidelines and CGMP’s. Our work includes processing equipment, storage vessels, materials handling and pipework.

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Finite element analysis

ANSYS Structural analysis enables us to solve complex structural engineering problems and better, faster decisions.


For hazardous area installations, we are familiar with applying DSEAR and ATEX requirements. We can assist with the provision of risk assessments leading to necessary CE certification.


Design consultancy

We can provide a consultant to help unlock a current or recurring problem relating to design. Our consultant is a chartered engineer with 30 years experience of senior management in SME design and manufacturing companies. Consultancy issues may involve advice for setting up a large project or a recurring bottleneck in engineering, or loss of profitability.