Product Development

Gatehouse Design has a history of successful product development, with examples in use in many industries. We specialise in the design of industrial products where we can draw on many years of experience. Many companies find it difficult to allocate internal resources to product development due to workload. We work closely with management and key personnel to ensure new products are specified, designed and developed to budget and to an agreed schedule.

Working closely with management and the marketing team, we can help define a product specification. At this stage we will look at commercial opportunity, competitor analysis, intellectual property opportunities and possible infringements.

Once a specification has been agreed we can prepare conceptual designs which meet the brief. Together with a commercial overview of each design, we can assist you to select a concept to develop.

With a detailed understanding of the product, market, features and options we will prepare detailed product designs which can be used for testing, evaluation and market evaluation. Patent applications can be finalised, and marketing materials produced.

Products will be optimised for production, and product variables incorporated using parametric parameters and modular design techniques. All necessary design risk assessments will be carried out to ensure the product is fully compliant with regulative bodies.

We can help you develop and deliver your new product to an agreed budget and on time. The services we offer include:

Product design consultancy

We can provide a product development consultant to help, advise and guide your team through all stages of new product development. The consultant will provide a project structure and work with senior management to ensure the project is successfully delivered.


Product Development: Sectioned Screw Injector