Design Engineering


We can help develop a product strategy which will save you cost and time whilst improving accuracy


We will provide a free product audit to review existing design processes


Product standardisation is key to improving product margins, saving time and eliminating errors


Product Configuration allows the rapid and accurate selection of products and features


Design automation provides automatic 3D models, integration of downstream processes and documents


We can help you develop and deliver your new product to an agreed budget and on time. .


Gatehouse Design are foremost Design Engineers…

But our primary focus at Gatehouse Design is to help companies implement a highly effective Product Strategy

We do this using lean principles and by eliminating all eight defined wastes

  • Transport – Reduce unnecessary movement of information
  • Inventory – Have just one source of information
  • Movement – Reduce unnecessary business processes
  • Waiting – Ensure information is available immediately
  • Over-production – Produce only the information required
  • Over-processing – Provide information only when it is required
  • Defects – Remove defects from the source
  • Skills – Deliver quality information to anyone authorised to get it


Three levels of design optimisation

We do this using three Levels

  • Product Standardisation – This is the simplification of products into re-usable components without detracting market value
  • Product Configuration – We apply rules to re-usable components which allows the product to be configured and the information extracted from the components
  • Design Automation – We drive downstream processes (Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems) from configured information .  Process diagrams and operation and maintenance manuals are examples of documents which can be generated automatically.

Specification selected

Product standardisation

Successful product standardisation will reduce design time and associated costs in sales, engineering and production. Together with a centralised knowledge bank which will be provided to share information and ensure errors are erradicated at source. Actual cost information will replace sales estimation and customers will receive information quickly in a uniform corporate style. Product standardisation will improve profitability whilst increasing customer satisfaction.

Before embarking on product configuration or design automation, it is important to complete the design standardisation phase . For many company’s product standardisation alone will achieve 80% of the achievable benefit. It also allows companies to pass quality information quickly from sales to production in the certainty of complete accuracy.

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Juggling product components

Product configuration

Product configuration builds upon the product standardisation process and selection rules will be employed that ensure the product is sized and configured in accordance with engineering requirements, which removes considerable risk. Costs associated with product components can be quickly and accurately calculated.

Gatehouse Design has 27 years’ experience building product configurators. The product configuration tools are used by Sales whilst Engineering have the responsibility for the design and management. Well designed product configurators ensure speed and accuracy of product selection and provide exceedingly fast access to data, financial reports and quotation documents.

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Design Automation

Design automation

Design automation builds upon the product configuration process and can be used to drive CAD and other downstream processes. The automation of document processes can save thousands of man-hours of work.

When linked to 3D modelling software,  product configuration becomes dynamic, with both graphical imagery and real-time information. This allows the impact of design decisions, commercially and physically to become very clear.

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High pressure screw injector

Design Engineering

We design industrial products and systems and have considerable experience in the specific requirements of many industry sectors. Your requirements, specifications and standards are important to us and we will work wherever possible as an extension of your team.  Gatehouse Design engineers have current safety passports. We appoint a chartered engineer to oversee all design work. We use Autodesk Inventor, Solidworks, AutoCad for modelling, engineering drawings and ANSYS Structural for finite element analysis.

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Product Development

Gatehouse Design has considerable experience in developing industrial products and bringing these to market. We can help you at every stage of the new product development process from initial concept to production planning and marketing. We understand the need to maintain budgets and timescales whilst managing project uncertainties. Gatehouse Design can help secure valuable patent protection for innovative ideas and can help you agree strategies for avoiding infringement of existing intellectual property.

We look at the long-term objectives for the product, how the product behaves as an integrated part of a product family and how the product links to sales and engineering systems.

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What can Gatehouse Design do for you?

We will work closely with you to deliver a result that matches exactly what you want and will offer suggestions that can help to optimise your products and design processes.

We are always happy to discuss our business, the services we offer, or any of the design concepts we are passionate about. Please give us a call or contact us with your requirements and we will get back to you as soon as possible.